Kakapo Stella 2 B 19 v5. Photo Jake Osborne CC BY 2.0

Kākāpō Files

The link between kākāpō and Predator Free Rakiura is strong.

The kākāpō is a large, flightless and nocturnal parrot found only in New Zealand. The kākāpō is critically endangered and now restricted to three predator-free islands of New Zealand, including Whenua Hou / Codfish Island, off the northwest coast of Rakiura.

The last known kākāpō population was on Rakiura, but it was moved to predator-free island havens to save the birds from extinction (through predation) between the 1970s and 1990s. 


Forty years ago, Rakiura revealed a precious secret: a last hapū of kākāpō - a hope for their future.
Today, Rakiura has a precious potential: a revived land for kākāpō - a security for their future.

Deidre Vercoe, Kākāpō Recovery

Hear more about the kākāpō in Voice of the Kākāpō, an audio adventure through the bumpy, bumper 2019 breeding season of New Zealand's rare flightless parrot. Presented by Alison Ballance of Radio New Zealand.


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