Juvenile tieke/saddleback, Ulva Island, Rakiura. Photo - Jake Osborne CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Bridget Carter - Project Manager

Tasmanian-born Bridget Carter is the Project Manager for Predator Free Rakiura, She facilitates the functioning of the Predator Free Rakiura group, provides project support and helps connect those involved in and affected by the Project.

Her background is in conservation and wildlife management. Her Bachelor and Honours degrees were undertaken at the University of Tasmania, followed by seven years working in conservation advocacy, captive native wildlife management and community conservation roles and seven years in conservation management within the Department of Conservation on the Coromandel Peninsula and Rakiura, New Zealand.

She lives with her husband and young daughter on a forest block with kiwi, kākāriki and kākā on Rakiura/Stewart Island.

"I'm passionate about this Island and this Project. This is an opportunity for us to be part of something truly incredible. A healthy Rakiura and thriving community is the greatest legacy we could leave for our children".

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