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Jill Skerrett - Rakiura Māori Lands Trust

I am the representative for Rakiura Māori Lands Trust, on the Predator Free Leadership Group. 

RMLT administers approx. 105sq km of land on Rakiura. I have been on the RMLT board for 4 years and during this time my main focus has been working on the Land Management Portfolio. I am very proud of what the RMLT has achieved with the eradication work we have been doing on the Neck.

However, this is an ongoing project. I am also the only RMLT representative who lives on the island, so it is my role to work with local groups and the community on any RMLT matters. While we understand that the Predator Free project is ambitious, we fully support it and I look forward to Rakiura being a predator free island for my children and grandchildren. 

Ngā mihi, Jill Skerrett.

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