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Leon Fife - Rakiura Maori Lands Trust

The Rakiura Maori Lands Trust (RMLT) administers 105 sq. km of Rakiura on behalf of over 5,000 beneficial Maori owners making it the largest private landowner on the island.

I have been an RMLT trustee for the past 8 years and during this time my main focus has been land management and in particular, pest eradication and land restoration and it is for this reason I am representing RMLT on the PFR group. Over the past 10 years RMLT have carried out pest control and eradication at The Neck with some remarkable results. We are keen to expand our area of operation but the logistics involved are beyond our means. It therefore makes sense to us to work and collaborate with other stakeholders and hence our strong support for the Predator Free Rakiura project.

I encourage Rakiura Maori to contact me if they have any questions, concerns or suggestions about what the Leadership Group has done so far or could do in the future.

Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whmailto. (By many, the work (project) will be accomplished)

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