Stewart island robin / toutouwai. Photo - DOC

Ali Meade - EAG Chair & Environment Southland Representative

undefinedI’m the Biosecurity and Biodiversity Operations Manager for Environment Southland. My role at ES is to help protect Southland from harmful species and to look after our indigenous biodiversity.

Rakiura is a really special place and I always enjoy my time there, especially when I get a chance to visit amazing places like the Ruggedy Ranges. My background is in ecology and conservation management, and I have worked on restoration projects in the UK, Auckland and here in Southland.

I’ll need to be brave and try new things. I’m confident that by working together we can achieve a great outcome for the environment and economy of Rakiura and Southland.


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  • Stewart island robin / toutouwai. Photo - DOC

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  • Stewart island robin / toutouwai. Photo - DOC

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