Stewart island robin / toutouwai. Photo - DOC

John Cushen - Stewart Island Community

Having the opportunity to contribute in some small way to this Island I have visited and loved for 70 years is so exciting for me.

Now that I am officially a “cribbie” having bought Margaret Fairhall’s lovely house, and semi retired, I look forward to supporting the initiatives that Predator Free Rakiura is developing with input from the local community, DOC and the many community groups that would love to see those who live on or visit Rakiura wake up to the dawn chorus once again. Mind you the bird life around the Bay has been so special this summer.

With a national aim of being predator free by 2050, it seems to me that Rakiura/Stewart Island has a great opportunity to show just what can be achieved when a community joins together and implements a programme that all are happy with. I hope that my passion for the outdoors and our unique natural environment along with a lot of energy and enthusiasm will help us move towards this aim. 

Recently I was appointed a Fiordland Marine Guardian and I am also involved with the Wakatipu Wildlife Trust and the Tuckers Beach Wildlife Reserve group. 

I encourage anyone who wishes to discuss this aim to contact me at any time. My number is 0276407522, email or tap me on the shoulder (the photo is 10 yrs old!!!) when I am on the Island. I would love to hear about your concerns, views and of course suggestions.

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  • Stewart island robin / toutouwai. Photo - DOC

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  • Stewart island robin / toutouwai. Photo - DOC

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