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Tane Davis - Rakiura Tītī Islands Administering Body

Tena Tatou Katoa. Ko Tane Davis toku ingoa. I am elected by the Rakiura Tītī Islands Administering Body to be their representative on the Predator Free Rakiura Group.

The Rakiura Tītī Islands Administering Body was formed to administer 18 Tītī Islands returned from the Crown to Rakiura Māori ownership within the Ngāi Tahu Settlement.

To be a member on the Group representing Rakiura Māori / Ngāi Tahu Iwi acknowledges the importance and commitment towards the vision for a Predator Free Rakiura. The concept of removing pests from Rakiura will be a huge asset to the Tītī Islands adjacent to Rakiura. At present those islands experience repeated rat incursions, threatening and endangering the flora and fauna. Rakiura is at the heart of being affected by those introduced pests.

The Group is made up of various parties, with the experience to recognise there are considerable environmental, social, cultural, and economic benefits from the removal of all predators from Rakiura and the surrounding islands.

The Group acknowledges the importance of building positive community relationships and working together for a Predator Free Rakiura.

Qualifications: Member and Chair Rakiura Tītī Islands Administering Body, Member and Chair Whenua Hou Komiti, Ngāi Tahu Rep Kākāpō Recovery Group, Ngāi Tahu Rep New Zealand Conservation Authority, Registered member Ōraka Aparima Rūnaka, and Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

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