South Island Kaka Stewart Island Rakiura Photo Jake Osborne CC BY NC SA 2.0

Bridget Carter - Assistant Project Director

I am a passionate conservationist and courageous critical thinker with a strong motivation to protect the wilderness and wildlife of Rakiura. 

I studied science in Australia, completing an honours degree exploring how a Tasmanian devil population used differing habitats and altitudes through tracking technology, and worked as a research associate for Tasmania's Department of Primary Industry, Parks, Water and Environment. I have also worked for the Australian Antarctic Division and managed captive endangered species breeding programmes in New Zealand.

I have worked with conservations groups on Rakiura, managed biodiversity programmes in the Coromandel, and managed the Hauraki and Rakiura offices of the Department of Conservation.

As a resident of Rakiura, alongside my husband Kev, mother-in-law Diane and four-year-old daughter Quinn, I keenly feel my connection to the island and a strong need to work towards its protection.

I believe a predator-free Rakiura is a courageous and ambitious goal and I feel so grateful to be working towards it. I don't think for one second it will be easy, nor quick.

Imagine what Rakiura would be like if together we can achieve this... what if the results are a healthier and more diverse forest understorey, increased birdsong, and kākāpō returning to their Rakiura home, removing the challenges of predation and competition for food and homes that our wildlife experiences?

It's a vision worth working towards.  

Just think what could be learnt along the way - science and techniques that would be game-changers on an international scale. This project could also create awesome conservation careers for the children of Rakiura. 

In my spare time I enjoy fishing with my family, taking my Labrador retriever Dusky to the beach, attempting to nature journal - and I am a strong contender for first place in worst wildlife photography!

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