Boulder Beach Ulva Island, Rakiura. Photo - Jake Osborne CC BY NC SA 2.0

My job is biosecurity

In 2019 we asked the local Halfmoon Bay Schools students to tell us about the year 2050 and what the island is like now we have a Predator Free Rakiura.

By Moby Cave, age 9

It's the year 2050. My name is Moby and I'm 41 years old. My job is biosecurity.

I was walking along the wharf when I saw a ship approaching, it was a fishing boat. A man jumped off. He had a long beard. 

"Can I check your bag?", I said.

He said, "yes".

I pull out my body heat scanner and scanned his bag. There was no beeping, so I let him pass. Another boat was coming in. It was a water taxi, the people who passed instantly gave me their bags. I open it up, there were no pests. The fishermen left and it was 7:00am, "time to go home", I thought. Packing up and going home I saw someone flying a jet pack over the island. 

The next day I was using my feeling goggles. I was seeing if people were feeling like they got away with something. I was happily doing my job when there was a loud beeping sound, it was my body heat detector machine picking something up. I stopped him in his tracks. I looked inside his bag and there was a feral cat. I called the police and then I heard sirens instantly in the background. The police arrested him and sent him to jail and I took the cat to the fisherman and told him to drop it off at Bluff. 

It's the year 2050. My name is Moby and I'm 41 years old. My job is biosecurity

Moby Cave

"Back to my job", I thought, so I did. There were no more crimes that day so I went home and checked my rat traps, there were quite a few. The next day I kept on checking people's bags. There was a water taxi coming in again. I got my body heat detecting machine and it detected the bags, there was no beeping. I walked along the beach and listened to the waves crash against the shore.

After my holiday I went back to biosecurity duty. There were more boats coming a going. A jetski came in, I put on my feeling goggles and there was a feeling detected. It was a suspicious one, he said that he had a pet rat and I said, "Sorry you can't have it on the island", so he and his rat left.


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